Floor Squeak Eliminator Kit

Squeeeeek No More

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The Squeeeeek No More kit stops squeaks from above the floor in carpeted, hardwood and linoleum floors. The kit uses a specially scored screw that has a wax coating and a dual pitch. The wax coating allows the screw to go through the carpet with causing any damage. The dual pitch of the screw pulls the flooring down tight, to the joist, as the screw goes down into the floor. The tooling for carpeted floors drives the screw down into the floor and stops the screw at the point the score on the screw is slightly below the wood of the floor. Then with the gripper, on the tripod leg, you rock the gripper side to side snapping the head off. At that point you will not see or feel where the screw went through the carpet. The kit also includes tooling to find the joist in carpeted floors, and tooling to stop squeaks in hardwood and linoleum floors.

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